Starbucks and Almond Milk (Finally)

So first things first. If you don’t already know, I am a Starbucks junkie. I’ve always thought that it would be a wise investment for me to just open my own shop, because free coffee, espresso, lattes – oh my. I haven’t gotten there yet, but maybe, someday.

I feel like I’ve been waiting for this for so long. In August, Starbucks announced that it would add almond milk or as they list it, almondmilk, to their non-dairy milk options starting Sept. 9. My local Starbucks started serving it Sept. 29, which appropriately is National Coffee Day. There is no doubt that the stars were aligned today.

My anticipation for this doesn’t come without hesitation. I wanted to love their first non-dairy option, coconut milk, however I was left with a weird taste in my mouth – literally. It must have artificial sweeteners or additives, because I didn’t like the flavor that it added to the coffee. Based off this Self magazine review, it seems that they may have done almondmilk right.

This morning, I gleefully pulled up to the drive thru and ordered: “Good morning, I will have a grande, almondmilk latte, please!” I held back my giddiness as I pulled towards the pickup window.

The verdict.

It is great! I loved it and it tasted just as I anticipated. The milk was extra foamy on top, an unexpected and well-received surprise. The flavor was pretty good too. I could taste the almond milk and it didn’t taste like there were artificial sweeteners or weird flavors (so I want to trust my taste buds on that!)

I feel like I have to mention that Starbucks is way behind the curve of adding this to their menu, especially in the Minneapolis area. We have a plethora of great local coffee shops and co-ops that have been serving up almond milk and other quality non-dairy milk options for coffee fanatics.

Are you a non-dairy coffee lover too? Have you tried this yet? Tell me what you thought!


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