We are human beings not doings

My brain has been overloaded this week. A compilation of changes happening at work, and a house to clean and organize for the Jewish high holidays, hosting Rosh Hashanah dinner for 10 guests, anticipating a friend’s birthday celebration at this throwback establishment, along with Chicago cousins visiting town and a 5K race to run all in the same weekend. Oh my!

What is one to do with this rush and nonstop planning, moving and shaking? How do you balance the chaos and make it appear effortless? Honestly, maybe I am not that smooth, but in the end I genuinely just want to enjoy my time in all these moments.

Recently, Facebook reminded me of a quote that 2012 Dori posted: “We are human beings, not human doings. Stop doing and start being.”

What a glorious reminder! Start being. Slow down. Pay attention to the little moments and feelings throughout my day. Take a deep breath when I step outside after a long day at work. Feel the sun on my skin.

This mind-body connection is yoga. Yoga literally means, “to yolk” – to combine mind and body. In class, teachers tend to guide students to pay attention to their breath as a guide. This is that paying attention, that action of being in your body at yoga, rather than doing yoga.

So I took 2012 Dori’s advice and committed to being in my body at yoga class, rather than prioritizing my long list of to-dos for the night. They will still be there and ready to tackle once I get my head in order.


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